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Afbeelding 3D printen in Rotterdam

During the past year we have participated with 27 other companies and organizations in the pilot project regarding the 3D printing of spare parts. The project was launched by the Innovation Quarter, RDM Maker Space and the Port of Rotterdam. Lots of new and interesting experiences were gained, 3D printing proved to be a technology …


Ruysch International is an international trading company, established in 1935. We are specialized in supplying spare parts of European origin suitable for 4-stroke diesel engines, technical knowledge and services, and engine diagnostic consultancy services. Ruysch International is the overarching company of three unique business units; Spare Parts, Consultancy and Technical Agencies.

  • Spare Parts is specialized in supplying spare parts for diesel engines, suitable for: SWD Stork Werkspoor, Wärtsila and ABC.
  • Consultancy focuses on providing engine room consultancy services and the engine diagnostic tool REDS-Maritime.
  • Technical Agencies represents 27 shipyards worldwide