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Spare Parts for SWD Stork Werkspoor | Wärtsilä | ABC Diesel Engines

For more than 80 years we have focused on and specialized in buying and selling both new and reconditioned 4-stroke diesel engine spare parts worldwide. We mainly supply to maritime and power generating industries. We provide high quality spare parts from European origin at competitive prices. We specialize in spare parts suitable for SWD Stork Werkspoor, Wärtsilä and ABC Diesel engines. We keep a permanent stock of multiple parts suitable for all these engines. Our aim is to keep customer’s engines working at maximum efficiency and with minimum downtime.

Our range includes, but is not limited to spare parts suitable for:

  • SWD Stork Werkspoor               R150, DRO210, F240, SW280, TM410
  • Wärtsilä                                         20, 22 (only cylinder heads), 26, 32, 38
  • ABC Diesel                                    DX, DZ
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