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80 Years of history of Ruysch International
1935 - 1955
1956 - 1975
1976 - 1995
1996 - 2015

Establishment of Ruysch Technisch Handelsbureau B.V. in Amsterdam. The company was the result of a partnership between the founder engineer H.A. Ruysch and R. Vergasse, a technology entrepreneur from Germany.


After successful growth, the company moved from Amsterdam to the more rurally-situated Zutphen.


Following the years of `40 –`45, trade got moving again. A lot of time and effort was invested in the development and sales of centrifugal casting machines and other systems used in the casting of bearings, such as blast furnaces and casting furnaces.

1956 - 1975
1935 - 1955

Growing demand from ship owners for replacement parts for diesel engines. This demand was created in particular by the engine manufacturers who increased the prices of their spare parts because of the high price of new engines.


Ship owners were no longer able to maintain vast reserves of spares for their ships and therefore made their wishes known that they would only buy from suppliers who held stock. This forced RTH to specialise in certain brands and types of diesel engine, being: SWD, Smit & Bolnes and Sulzer.


H. A. Ruysch, the second generation, takes over RTH from his father.

1976 - 1995
1956 - 1975

The company entered the growing international market and began to operate officially as an international business. As well as four-stroke engine parts, representations for two-stroke engines were also picked up with the worldwide shipping market in mind. For the last 6 years, the company has once again focused solely on four-stroke engines.


Establishment of Ruysch Technical-Agencies Holland BV


RTH obtains the ISO Certificate

1996 - 2015
1976 - 1995

W.H. Ruysch, the third generation of the Ruysch family, joined the company.


Ruysch Technisch Handelsbureau acquired L&W International BV in ‘s Gravendeel and the company name merged into Ruysch International BV. From then until 2012, the company operated from its bases in Zutphen and ‘s Gravendeel.


Establishment of RTH Asia with mr. Suherman.


Establishment of Ruysch Consultancy as a result of increasing questions from the international shipping industry about how the industry could save on costs per operational hour.


Official opening of our sales office in Mexico City.