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A non-invasive system

REDS is a continuous engine monitoring system that 24/7 monitors the status en efficiency of a running piston engine. REDS measures the dynamic torsional vibrations within the engine. Our measurement method is highly precisely and detects error development weeks or months before the error actually occurs.

How does REDS work?

We measure the torsional vibrations within the engine, by placing two sensors on the flywheel of the crankshaft. The sensors measure the speed of the crankshaft. During each revolution of the crankshaft all information is collected and stored in the acquisition box. The intelligent REDS software converts the technical data into detailed information about the severity and the location of the deviation. The information is visible on an intelligent screen with user-friendly interface. The measurement information is 24/7 and remotely accessible. Not only in the engine room but also on shore, at any time on any desired device.