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REDs enables smart maintenance

Engine monitoring & predictive maintenance: A cost saving solution

REDS is a continuous monitoring system for diesel, gas and dual fuel engines. It is a non invasive system that provides detailed information about the status, efficiency, thermal and mechanical health of the engine. REDS provides 24/7 insight in the status of your engine. Deviations and deficiencies are detected at early stage, thereby component failure and engine breakdown can be prevented.

The advantages of continuous engine monitoring with REDS for your business

  • Insight in error development, weeks or months before component or engine failure.
  • Significant fuel use reduction, thereby lowering emission levels.
  • Engine condition monitoring enables data driven maintenance.
  • Early detection prevents damages and consequential damages.
  • Condition based maintenance increases the availability of your ship or power plant and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Keeping your engine in a balanced state increases its life-span.
  • Online availability of measurement data enables remote monitoring and benchmarking.


This video demonstrates the system and explains its many (cost related) advantages.

Our REDS expert Mr. Ben Keers is available to answer al your questions regarding the cost related benefits of the system and the technical details. You can contact Ben Keers directly at +31(0)630795604 or send an email to reds@ruysch.nl