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Spare Parts for SWD Stork Werkspoor Engines

We keep a permanent stock of multiple parts suitable for all engine types. We offer spare parts of original quality suitable for the below stated SWD Stork Werkspoor diesel engine types. We guarantee worldwide delivery and competitive prices.

SWD Stork Werkspoor ENGINE TYPES:

  • R150: R155, R156, R158
  • DRO210: DR216, DR218, DRO216, DRO218, DRO216K, DRO218K
  • F240: 6FHD240, 8FHD240, 9FHD240
  • SW280: 6SW280, 8SW280, 9SW280, 12SW280, 16SW280, 18SW280
  • TM410: 6TM410, 8TM410, 9TM410, 12TM410, 16TM410, 18TM410, 20TM410

We can supply a wide range of spare parts suitable for SWD Stork Werkspoor. All parts we supply include, but are not limited to:

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