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swd stork werkspoor - SPARE PARTS FOR swd stork werkspoor

All our spare parts for the swd stork werkspoor engines are produced by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) from Europe. This garuantees that all our spares are manufactured according to the highest standards set by the engines manufactures. Due to our large customer base we buy our spareparts in badges. This ensures availability of sufficient stock.

We also sell original recon parts. These parts are always overhauled in our own workshop in accordance with the engine makers’ specifications. This guarantees that all our recon parts comply with the original standards.

We provide standard warranty on all our spare parts. If needed we can negotiate to extend the standard warranty period of the requested part.



12sw28, 12SW280, 16sw28, 16SW280, 18SW28, 6SW28, 6SW280, 8SW28, 8SW280, 9SW280, SW 280, SW28, SW280, SWD280


12TM410, 12TM410B, 12TM410D, 12TM410R, 12TM410RR, 16TM410, 16TM410B, 16TM410C, 16TM410R, 16TM410RR, 18TM410, 18TM410C, 20TM410, 20TM4410C, 6TM410, 6TM410A, 6TM410B, 6TM410C, 6TM410D, 6TM410L, 6TM410LL, 6TM410LR, 6TM410RL, 6TM410RR, 6TMS410, 6TMS410RR, 8TM410, 8TM410 (A-TYPE), 8TM410A, 8TM410B, 8TM410C, 8TM410LR, 8TM410Rl, 8TM410RR, 8TMS410, 9TM410, 9TM410A, 9TM410-A, 9TM410B, 9TM410C, 9TM410D, 9TM410LL, 9TM410LR, 9TM410RL, 9TM410RR, 9TM410RR/LL, 9TMS410, TM 410, TM410 (C TYPE), TM 410 (RL-TYPE), TM410(A TYPE), TM410(B-TYPE), TM410C, TM410LL, TM410LR, TM410RR


150, 158, AR150, ARO150, ARO156, ARO156K, ARO158, ARO158K, R(O)150, R150, R153, R155, R156, R158, R158K, RO150, RO154, RO155, RO155K, RO156, RO156K, RO158, RO158K, RS155, RS156


210, ABR210, ABR216S, ABRO210, AR215, AR216, ARO218, BR210, BR214, BR215, BR216, BR218, BRO210, BRO215, BRO215S, BRO216, BRO216S, BRO218, DR216, DRO210, DRO210K, DRO216, DRO216K, DRO218, DRO218K, DRO219K, R210, RHO210, RHO215, RHO215K, RHO215KS, RHO216, RHO216K, RHO218, RHO218K, RO218K, SWD


F240, 6F240, 6FCHD240, 6FDHD240, 6FEHD240, 6FFHD240, 6FG240, 6FGHD240, 6FHD240, 6FHD240F, 6FHD240G, 6SW240, 8FAHD240, 8FBHD240, 8FCHAD240, 8FCHD240, 8FDHD240, 8FEHD240, 8FFHD240, 8FG240, 8FGHD240, 8FHD 240, 8FHD240F, 8FHD 240G, 8sw240, 9 FBHD 240, 9F240, 9FBHD240, 9FCHD240, 9FDHD240, 9FEHD240, 9FFHD240, 9FG240, 9FGHD240, 9FHD240, 9FHD240F, 9FHD240G, 9SW240, FA240, FAHD240, FBHD240, FCHD240, FDHD240, FEHD240, FFHD240, FG240, FGHD240, FH240, FHAD240, FHD240, FHD240G, SW240


9TM620C, TM620

*All products are suitable for it's noted engine type and brand. Any displayed part numbers are only used to identify the product.