WARTSILA Engine Groups:


1200W8L20, 1600W9L20, 20, 4L20, 4L20B, 4L20C, 4L20D2, 4R20, 520W4L20, 540W4L20, 5L20, 645W4L20, 670W4L20, 670W4L20D2, 6L20, 6L20B, 6L20C, 6L20C2, 6L20C3, 6L20D2, 6R20, 760W6L20, 8L20, 8L20C, 8L20C2, 8L20LD, 9L20, 9L20C, 9L20C3, 9L20C4, A4L20, A6L20, A9L20, L20, L20C, L20C2, W20


12V26, 12V26A, 12V26A2, 16V26, 18V26, 18V26-0, 26, 6L26, 6L26A, 6L26A2, 6L26B, 6L26B2, 8L26, 8L26A, 8L26A2, 8L26B, 9L26, 9L26A, 9L26B, 9L26B2, 9L26D2, L26A, L26A2


12V32, 12V32 VASA, 12V32 V-ENGINE, 12V32BC, 12V32D VASA, 12V32E V-ENGINE, 12V32LN, 12V32LNE, 16V32, 16V32BC, 16V32D V-ENGINE, 16V32D VASA, 16V32E, 16V32LN, 18V32, 18V32 V-ENGINE, 18V32E, 18V32E VASA, 18V32L, 18V32LN, 20V32, 20V32FC, 20V32GD, 32, 4R32, 4R32D, 4R32E, 6L32, 6R32, 6R32BC, 6R32D, 6R32DF, 6R32E, 6R32LN, 6R32LND, 6R32LNE, 7L32, 8L32, 8R32, 8R32D, 8R32E, 8R32LN, 8R32LNE, 9L32, 9L32B3, 9R32, 9R32D, 9R32E, 9R32LN, R32, R32BC, R32D, R32E, R32LN, V32, V32D, V32E, VASA 12V32, VASA 32, VASA 32LN, VASA12V32, VASA-6R-32, VASA-6R-32BC, VASA-6R-32E, VASA-8R-32, VASA-9R-32E, VASA-R-32, VASA-R-32D, VASA-V-32, VASA-V-32-BC, VASA-V-32-E, W12V32, W18V32, W20V32, W32


12V38, 12V38A, 12V38B, 18v38, 18V38A, 18V38B, 38, 38A, 38B, 6L38, 6L38A, 6L38B, 6SW38, 6SW38A, 38L38, 8L38A, 8L38B, 9L38, 9L38A, 9L38B


12V46, 12V46C, 12V46C2, 12V46D, 12V46GD, 16V46, 16V46A, 16v46c, 18V46, 18V46A, 18V46B, 18V46GD, 18V46 Miller, 46, 46C, 6L46A, 6L46B, 6L46C, 6L46F, 6R46, 8L46, 8L46A, 8L46B, 8L46C-M, 8L46D, 8R46, 9L46A, 9L46B, 9L46C, 9R46A


16V34SG, 18V34SG, 20V34DF, 20V34SG



*All products are suitable for it's noted engine type and brand. Any displayed part numbers are only used to identify the product.